Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ольга Квитко (Olga Kvitka)

The most beautiful woman in Russia,
is the woman known as Olga!
Her hair golden blonde,
of which I’m very fond!
Mystical and bewitching eyes,
for which any man would die!
Willingly placed under her spell,
within her power I’d happily dwell!
Skin painted a soft blushing pink,
her beauty is quite distinct!
Never have I seen such a woman,
she’s sought after by every man!
Shaped like a delicate flower,
over me she’d hold all the power!
Her scent is that of sweet perfume,
no man on earth could be immune!
I’d like to meet her one day,
this most beautiful Lady!
To know her would be to know love,
what more in this world could you want of!
Duke Sherman

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