Thursday, March 24, 2011


Let me tell you about my girl,
the prettiest in all the world!
By the time that I was twenty,
of many girls I had plenty!
I met Christine at a Barbecue,
as usual I was acting a fool!
I spotted her from across the way,
sitting alone half the day!
So beautiful she was sitting there,
wind gently blowing through her hair!
Black and tinted a shade of purple,
and on her cheeks the cutest dimples! 
She had eyes like that I’ve never seen,
shaped perfectly and the shade of green!
Her skin slightly tanned by the sun,
I knew instantly she was the one!
My heart began to race in locomotion,
within stirring my every emotion!
Nervous I walked over and asked to sit down,
she smiled and said: If you stop acting a clown!
Curious I asked: Are you seeing someone?
No she said: I have no one!
I looked into her eyes looking back at me,
and seen in her eyes a future could be!
Nervously I asked her out on a date,
yes she said: I was wondering how long I’d wait!
Then she took me by both my hands,
and said: Your going to walk the line to be my man!
For her I gave up my promiscuous past,
and have been faithful ever last!
She was and is the best thing in my life,
twenty years past she’s still my wife!
Duke Sherman

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