Wednesday, March 16, 2011

True Story

When a woman’s in love,
he’s all she thinks of!
If he breaks her heart,
she falls apart!
Baby he says: (Take me back)?
She does without any flack!
To her he can do no wrong,
how many times I've heard that song!
(He’s cheating on you) she’s told by her friends.
but it’s his word she takes to the end!
To her friends it’s not hard to understand,
he’s no good and a two timing man!
He’ll degrade and call her names,
for his troubles she’s blamed!
Soon comes the feeling of worthlessness,
she’s under enormous distress!
Her confidence has been stripped away,
with him she still stays!
His verbal abuse soon turns physical,
and the situation more critical!
Her friends try to intervene with no success,
only causing her more stress!
They plead with her to leave this man,
she says: (You just don’t understand)!
He comes home late every night,
and immediately he starts a fight!
With his fist he beats her without mercy,
the Doctor says: (She’s hurt badly)!
She won’t press charges for fear of death,
she stays with him under duress!
Her life in danger she’s afraid,
for protection she hides a blade!
One night he finds it in the Bookcase,
in rage he takes it to her face!
Not enough again he attacks,
through her chest to her back!
On the floor she’s bleeding to death,
gasping for air she takes her last breath!
Duke Sherman
Verbal abuse escalates and often turns into physical abuse. And everyone knows physical abuse escalates.
Physical abuse of women in domestic violence is well-documented. Health care and law enforcement professionals are trained to look for abuse of women.
In addition, shelters, counseling, and other help is readily available for the asking.
Yet married and single women are battered, injured, and even killed by their mates and boyfriends each year. 

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