Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My sweet and only Love,
you’re all I’ve ever dreamt of!
I’ve longed for the day we’d be together,
and to know that it’d be forever!
The taste of your sweet lips,
embraced in our first kiss!
When you’d lye by my side at night,
and we'd make love ‘til the morning’s light!
Your soft flesh brushing against me,
a wish so very Heavenly!
I’ve loved you from first we spoke,
I thought I’d lost you and my heart broke!
Where happiness within once dwelled,
my every thought had turned to hell!
Not knowing what I’d done,
I stayed away from everyone!
But God sent your love back to me,
now my heart’s as should be!
To our love I’ll be true,
forever Darling I’ll love you!
Duke Sherman

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