Sunday, March 20, 2011

12 Rules To Live By

12 good rules to keep in mind and live by!
~You can’t change the past,
for it’s time has passed!~
~You must look to the future,
it’s always much brighter~
~Forgive and forget,
is always the best bet~
~Love all like your brother,
from another mother~
~You must strive to say,
to someone I love you every day!
~Don’t sweat the small stuff,
you’ll have better luck~
~Hold your head up high,
and never tell a lie~
~Help someone in need,
without them having to plead~
~Shelter one who is homeless,
the feeling is priceless~
~Be happy with who you are,
 you’re destined to go far~
~Open your heart to your fellow man,
his troubles try to understand~
~Teach your kids right from wrong,
the’ll grow up to be strong!
Duke Sherman

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