Monday, March 7, 2011

The Beautiful Elitekiara




Gorgeous hair
The girl I know as Elitekiara,
I would follow anywhere!
She’s beautiful;sexy and electrifying,
her blog’s a pleasant read and satisfying!
As I scroll down the Dashboard page,
I spot her image’s smiling face!
It sets my heart on fire,
with a flame of burning desire!
Always something pleasant to say,
I read her blog every day!
I have a bit of a crush on her,
there’s no girl in the world prettier!
When asked a question by her,
excitement grows and my heart purrs!
She can only be for me a dream,
she’s out of my league it would seem!
But if the chance came along,
I would never do her wrong!
I’d treat her like an Angel from above,
with dedication-devotion and most of all love!
Duke Sherman

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