Monday, March 21, 2011


Hope is defined as a desire of good,
such as the future born in Motherhood!
The newborn child the future will make,
changing things for man’s sake!
Expectations of things are thought,
and money so they can be bought!
A prayer for a loved one to be safe,
and to help you keep the faith!
Giving to those of the needy,
and knowing your children aren’t greedy!
Receiving your very first kiss,
and for more you give a wish!
Watching a young couple in love,
and wishing them the best all of!
When a war finally comes to an end,
no more reason for our sons to send!
A catastrophe in a foreign land,
the whole worlds lends a hand!
But the greatest hope on earth,
was that of our Savior’s birth! 
All of these are hopes to be,
and too reside in me!
Duke Sherman

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