Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Do I Think?

~I was asked the question today,
of my opinion of those who’re gay~
~Evident is my political affiliation,
curious was he of my views on gay persuasion~
~I answered that my views aren’t typical,
nor are they based on what’s political~
~Raised was I by a good and decent mother,
I was taught we’re all sisters and brothers~
~It’s not mine nor anyone else’s place,
to make judgement on sexual preference or race~
~That’s reserved for our Lord at world’s end,
when he makes judgement of mankind’s sin~
~I’m straight but have friends of both sexes who’re gay,
and doesn’t bother me in any way~
~The same goes for racial ethnicity, 
we’re all of our God’s creativity~
~It sickens my every bit of being,
the prejudice in this world I’m seeing~
~Be you gay be you bi or be you sraight,
in this world we’re all of the same fate~
We’re born and in the end we’ll all die,
so why not get along while we’re alive~
~Yes I’m Republican and proud to be,
But never do I practice bigotry~
~What do I think of being gay,
~we’re all God’s children in every which way~
~I’m Conservative but my thoughts are my own,
sometimes having to stand alone~
~In my heart I believe I’m right,
and for my beliefs I will fiercely fight~
~The right to choose is the right of our land,
and belongs to every woman and every man~
Duke Sherman

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