Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Want

I want to live a peaceful life,
without my mind entwined in strife!
To live a life of dignity,
and get along in harmony!
To be respected by my peers,
and wipe away all my fears!
To have a love who will last,
and never ask about the past!
To keep my family close to me,
and see my youngest earn a degree!
To hear my Mother’s voice again,
and be with her in the end!
To see peace again within our land,
and “Love thy neighbor” by every man!
To write a book of Poetry,
in my heart it’s close to me!
To visit the Hero’s Memorial wall,
pay tribute to those I seen fall!
Finally when my last day comes,
my epitaph read by my Sons!
Be buried with Honors of a Soldier,
and leave my Flag to my Daughter!
Be remembered for the good I’ve done,
and not forgotten by anyone!
Duke Sherman

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