Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From The First Day We Met

I’ve loved you from the first day we met,
a part of my life I’ll never forget!
I seen you sitting in the Coffee Shop,
and my heart almost came to a stop!
So beautiful sitting there all alone,
I knew at once that you were the one!
You were sitting in that chair so erect,
with that of proper etiquette!
My heart was racing as my mind wandered, 
how to gain the courage to meet you I wondered!
Suddenly you glanced my way smiled and winked, 
this is my chance I did think!
I walked over and asked if I could sit down,
you looked up at me with those eyes of brown!
You asked: What took you so long to come my way,
I’ve been sitting here over half the day!
We sat there awhile and talked about fate,
and how everyone had a Soul Mate!
We went to dinner and a movie that night,
went to “Lovers Point” until daylight!
Married only two weeks later,
bonded for life by the creator!
Over twenty years together and not a regret,
I’ve loved you from the first day we met!
Duke Sherman

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