Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Island Princess

~In a mystical land far away
lived the Island Princess Tiffany~
~Daughter of the Waterfalls
she was loved by one and all~
~Mysteriously beautiful were her eyes
were the color of the Mountainside~
~Her hair long lay gently on her back
tinted with a touch of Sunset it was black~
~Her skin was painted by the Island sun
and her beauty shined on everyone~
~Her people dropped down on both knees
and payed Homage to Princess Tiffany~
~Island Kings from other lands
prayed to the Waterfalls for her hand~
~They promised to love her ‘til their last day
and make her happy in every way~
~In love with one from her own Island
she did not want another man~
~She begged the Waterfalls her Mother
not to give her to another~
~She cared nothing of a King’s wealth~
only happiness for her love and herself~
~The Waterfalls loved her and granted the plea
tears of joy flowed down the face of Tiffany~
~The Kahuna blessed them in Ho’oponopono
they made their vows on a Kakemono~
~The Island people came from all around
and presented them with fruit and palm~
~They built them a Palapa made from the best grass,
and adorned it with images of the Princess~
~A bed made from the best leaves of the palm
would at night keep the couple warm~
~‘Aha ‘Aha was given in their honor that night
and lasted 'til the dawns early light~
~Her people loved the Princess with all their hearts
and wished her happiness in life’s new start~
~Mother Waterfalls granted the Princess her one wish,
she now lives with her husband in eternal bliss~

Duke Sherman
Marriage Ceremony: Ho’oponopono

Celebration             :‘Aha ‘Aha

Priest                      : Kahuna
Scroll                      : Kakemono
Hut                         : Palapa

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