Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Is My Favorite Time

Duke Sherman


Soon Springtime will be here,
the scent of flowers in the air!
Love blooming in young and old,
all around this great big world!
The season’s sun shining down,
gently warming all on the ground!
The freshness of the air so crisp and clean,
sound of the Songbirds singing keen!
Pollinating of the flowers by the bees, 
working hard to produce the honey!
Mom in the kitchen making Jelly,
Dad’s on the porch with Uncle Stelly!
The sound of the Springtime rain,
bouncing off the windowpane!
Fruit and Nut Baskets on the table,
in the oven is Grandma’s Casserole!
The kids are in the yard playing Ball,
and the Baby is beginning to crawl!
Some I know prefer the time of Winter,
for me Spring is the best time of the year!
Duke Sherman

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