Friday, March 18, 2011

If I Were President

3x5 American Flag Polyester 3'x5' USA Stars and Stripes            Duke Sherman             3x5 American Flag Polyester 3'x5' USA Stars and Stripes
If I were President I’d kick ass,
before another day could pass!
Our enemies’ would know my wrath,
be forced to take another path! 
The Mullahs would have no choice,
no opinions could they voice!
No longer would they threaten us,
without mercy their land we’s crush!
Qaddafi would be put to death,
and his Country would be at rest!
Drill for oil on our land,
enough for every American!
Bigger Government would be abolished,
the IRS would be demolished!
We’d no longer support the foreign lands,
before taking care of Americans!
Reinstall prayers in School,
and teach to them the Golden Rule!
Treat our Veterans with dignity,
and deserters with that of apathy!
Force the politicians to do their work,
and only pay them what their worth!
No longer would we appoligize,
for our enemies’ rightful demise!
No room for Politics from the Bench,
only the People’s law would Judges clench!
Give our Country back her self respect,
for which she stands would then reflect!
Harshly deal with those who dare,
our land of liberty to ensnare!
The Right to deface our Flag is gone,
Ive always thought that was wrong!
No Golf for me or vacations to be,
only ensuring our Country’s free!
Duke Sherman

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