Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things I've Done

~I’ve known the serenity of a Waterfall,
and climbed a steep cliff’s wall~
Took a trip to a tropical Island,
and walked barefoot in the sand~
~Bathed in water of the Hot Springs,
and drank herbal tea made from Ginseng~
~Sat under a tree over a hundred years old,
and listened to stories of history told~
~Made a snowman on a mountain top,
and built a shelter from trees I chopped~
~Visited the land of the Midnight Sun,
never realizing the day was done~
~Danced in the rain on a warm spring day,
and splashed in the puddles in play~
~Went skinny dipping in the summer night,
~only by that of the night’s moonlight~
~Sat in the park feeding the Birds Bread crumbs,
wondering where so many came from~
~Laid in the grass looking to the sky,
picturing animals in clouds with my eyes~
These are things that are in my past,
but the memories will always last!
Duke Sherman

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