Monday, March 14, 2011

Suffer Our Wrath

God bless our Soldiers one and all,
and take the souls or them who fall!
Protect our Country with pride they do,
to our Flag they are true!
Far away in Foreign lands,
fight for her does every man!
They fight throughout the day and night,
to give America her given Rights!
To keep her free form tyranny,
and promote her Freedom’s Democracy!
Heroes they are every one,
America’s Daughters and their Sons!
They serve their Country with dignity,
remembering “Twin Towers” in infamy!
Love of Freedom and fellow man,
is the call of our Soldier’s clan! 
You who challenge for which we stand,
we’ll rid this earth of your land!
Stay away from America’s shores,
or suffer our Wrath and live no more!
Sgt Duke Sherman
Vietnam Veteran

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