Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Princess Mermaid

Let me tell you a story of,
a Majestic beauty in search love!
A Mystical Mermaid incognito,
born to live her life immortal, 
Poseidon’s daughter Princess Lauren,
to walk on land to her was foreign!
Her eyes brown and exotically shaped,
from her sight nothing escaped!
With a glance she could melt any man’s heart,
like a Shark if crossed could tear it apart!
Soft pink and moist were her lips,
to die for was the sweetness of her kiss!
Auburn hair just past her shoulders,
looked seventeen and not a day older!
Painted the color of an ocean’s sunset scene
Poseidon created her from a beautiful dream!
Body molded from the mystic sands,
and shaped with the God’s loving hands!
Bless’d with the figure of the Goddess Aphrodite,
and given the wisdom of Athena’s psyche!
No more beautiful on earth could there be,
than this Mermaid from the sea!
She had just a short time with us to be,
soon she would return to the sea!
She was in search of a mate to love her true,
willing to live his life with her anew!
Give up his legs made to walk on land,
and become Lauren’s Mystical Merman!
She found a man who loved her true,
with her he’d swim the ocean blue!
Immortals living forever under the sea,
in King Poseidon’s Royal Family!
Duke Sherman

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