Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Beautiful Tatiana

 Red Rose

Nowhere in th this land is a Latina,
more beautiful than the sweet Tatiana!
Her hair long and her eyes of brown,
bring young men from all around!
Her smile alone melts my heart like butter,
and rapidly it begins to flutter!
As if my soul was set afire,
within it burns for her in sweet desire!
She looks my way with her eyes as to flirt,
slightly squinted dominance they assert!
Inviting are her beautiful and moist lips,
as if ladened with honey you must kiss!
Shaped by God hands her body’s perfect,
on her skin not a blemish can I detect!
Soft spoken her words are pleasant to hear,
she gives you the feeling an Angel is near!
If I was to have only one wish to be,
I’d wish for Tatiana to belong to me!
Duke Sherman

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