Sunday, March 27, 2011

God Made Mothers Special

~God made a mother in a special way
in this poem this I’ll portray~
~He gave her strength from within to give childbirth
a pain only she can bare on this earth~
~And to deal with the many rejections that her child will give
to her over the years she’ll willingly forgive~
~ Strong shoulders to carry the weight of the world
yet gentle enough to comport her little boys and girls~
~Hardness to keep going on when everyone else gives up
and to care for them with no complaints when illness has struck~
~Sensitivity to love them whether they’ve been good or bad
even through the times they’ve made her sad~
And to help the pain of her child’s boo boo to go away
and her teenager through anxieties and fears of every day~
~The knowledge of laughter to make the sadness disappear
and turn it into happiness and cheer~  
~The tears to shed whenever needed in times of crisis
those are her only weakness~
~Finally he reserved a special place in Heaven
for when her time on earth has come to an end~
-Take time to tell your mother you love her today-
Duke Sherman

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