Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Kingdom's Beauty

The Princess
In the Kingdom of Majestic Beauty,
reigns a Princess called Marie!
Loveliness beyond compare,
in all the land anywhere!
Noble men come from all around,
for Her Highness they have found!
To one in waiting she sends a smile,
for this he waited all the while!
It sets his heart within on fire,
for her he has much desire!
For every smile’s like a potion,
magically stirs his emotions!
Every day just like a puppy,
he waits the smile from Marie!
For when he’s sad and in a rut,
only the Princess can cheer him up!
When he’s lonely and feels remote,
Her Highness’s smile restores his hope!
When she fails to come around,
he drops on both knees to the ground!
He asks the Lord to look after her,
to keep her safe on this earth!
Does she know within her heart,
without her smiles he’d fall apart!
She gives to him peace of mind,
when his soul is hard to find!
He has on this earth all the wealth,
provided by Marie herself!
Duke Sherman

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