Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ellen DeGeneres

~I love Ellen DeGeneres,
in my mind there’s none more hilarious~
~I like the way she dances for her audience,
she commands perfection of her performance~
~Ending the dance holding herself in the air,
by her arms as she sits in the chair~
~Completing the act in slow motion,
and always receiving a standing ovation~
~Her eyes are a curious shade of blue and mysterious,
giving the Ellen look it’s impossible to know if she’s serious~
~Her smile shows great affection for all her fans,
no heart bigger than her’s in all the land~  
~Laughter cures the soul of sadness within,
recommended is always a good dose of Ellen~
~Happiness has eluded me on many occasions,
was found because of this Diva’s aspirations~
~So when you’re troubled and dismayed, 
she’ll treat the symptoms to take them away~  
~This Queen of Comedy’s put on many a smiling face,
 taking away sadness making this world a better place~
 Thanks Ellen;
Duke Sherman

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