Friday, April 15, 2011


 ~My Darling so Beautiful are you                         Free Photo of A Single Red Rose
from within to the outside through~
~You entered my life by capturing my heart
without you is tearing my soul apart~
~I’m drawn to you I don’t know why
but without you my soul would surly die~
~I truly believe you’re Angelically born
put here on earth my life to adorn~
~My desire is strong to know of your love
to become as one Blessed by God from above~
~You’ve taken me back to when I was young
when speaking to you I feel twenty-one~
~Like a boy my insides tingle with anticipitation
of what I will say in our next conversation~
~There’s things in my heart I want to say
but afraid if I do I’ll scare you away~
~You’re on my mind when I lay down at night
and the first thing I think of at morning’s first light~
~I ponder the thought where you’ve been all my life
why I waited so long and went through so much strife~
~So sweet are your words so tender your heart
why do we live so far apart~ 
~My feelings for you grow stronger each day
my soul burns like fire for you in every which way~
~I pray to God that the future will be
Heaven sent with you coming to me~
~I dream of the day when I taste your lips
and know the tenderness of your sweet kiss~
~To hold you in my grasp close to me
what a wondrous feeling that will be~
~We’ll lay with one another all through the night
get up at dawn and watch the sun rise~
~We’ll take long walks on the beach in the sand
walking together holding each others hand~
~My heart is yours if you want it my love
and anything else of mine you want of~
~For now I will close with you on my mind
knowing in my dreams it’s you I will find!
Duke Sherman

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