Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fairy Princess And The Leprechaun

 ~Her Majesty the Beautiful Princess Chemoi
pride of all Fairies of the land of Croix~
~Lovelier than a rose in the mist of bloom
in love with a Leprechaun from the fields of Jarume~ 
~ Forbidden was this by the law of the land
for only a Fairy Prince was permitted her hand~
~Her hair long and dark adorned her being
brushed with the many colors of the Spring~
~Her eyes shaped like jewels and the color of brown
drew every Fairy Prince from all around!
~Jesope the Leprechaun would visit at night
and would flee before the break of early light~
~The two conceived a planned to elope
but if caught would be the death of Jesope~
~They asked the help of Queen Mother Nature
who herself was that of a magical creature~
~They told of their plight and danger it held
their love for each other was unparalleled~
~Pondered awhile Mother Nature she did
agreed to help but to elope she’d forbid~
~Two creatures in love should not be apart
no power on earth should control the heart~
~She’d intervene for she had the last say
no being on earth would dare to affray~   
~With the breath of the wind on the back of a bird
to Croix she was off to lay down the word~
~Chemoi’s father the King would hear none of this
for no law in his land would go amiss~
~Queen Nature gave warning she had the last say
all powerful was she and he had to obey~
~She commanded he declare a Royal Decree
to abolish the law again never to be~
~Chemoi and her Leprechaun would be together
in sweet bliss of love living happily ever after~
~The two were wed on the banks of Lily Pod Lake
where Leprechauns and Fairies alike did partake~
~They banded together to create them a home
in the land of the Leprechauns the fields of Jarume~
~The King forgave his daughter the Princess Chemoi
and in honor of the King she named her first boy~
~The End~
Duke Sherman

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