Friday, April 8, 2011


Miss DeAnnah

 ~My heart has been awakened
blanketed with desire and taken~
~By that of a woman’s persona
with the mystical name DeAnnah~
~The most beautiful in all the land 
she’s the dream of every man~
~She speaks with a sweet Angelic voice
her every word gives me reason to rejoice~
~Her smile melts my heart as if it were butter
like the wings of a bumblebee it begins to flutter~
~Though sometimes dominance rules her nature
she’s the most gentle and caring of any creature~
~Her hair is that of strawberry blond
no shade is there that of I’m more fond~
~Her skin is painted blushing with tan
and would catch the eye of any man~
~Her soul is free of all that’s bad
and can heal all of those who’re sad~
~Happiness has found my heart in the joy of DeAnnah
and now knows the true meaning of nirvana~
Duke Sherman

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