Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank You My Darling

 Making_love : Young Couple staring into each others eyes Stock Photo
~Thank you my Darling for a wondrous night
my Dreams come true in total delight~
~Fulfilling my fantasies my every thought of
intensifying fire within while making of love~
~By that of your nakedness pressed against me
caressing in foreplay to pure Ecstasy~
~All through the night expressing positions
 as in Kama sutra ‘twas in repetition~
~Burning within me my desire for you
makes for the better in all that we do~
~Exiting sensations with lust in my heart
staying inside you not wanting to part~
~Not ever before did my heart beat so fast
withholding my climax in making it last~ 
~The warmth within you heating my lust
bringing me closer to climax a must~
~Sweet pain within we climaxed at once
moaning in pleasure in sounding abundance
~No other on earth for me can there be
no other in life is the woman for me~
~Last night was great tonight will be better
as every night is making love together~
~As my Dreams you are asleep and awake
all that I do in life’s for your sake~
~Forward tonight I’m looking to
my Darling know this I do love you~
Duke Sherman

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