Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Far Away

~My love so far away is she
to live without her cannot be~
~My heart is aching alone I stay
my mind in wander I’ve lost my way~
~I cannot be her not with me
to do so is insanity~
~My nights are cold as is my bed
my thoughts are her within my head~
~I cannot sleep awake I stay
long the nights ‘til light of day~
~I look my side I see her not
so bare it is my lover’s spot~
~Deep within my soul it burns
in prayer I stay for her return~
~Each breath I take and drop of blood
I’d willingly give to keep her love~
~She is the light that makes me see
without her darkness begrieving me~
~She is my reasoning she is my strength
her soul is warm her heart in length~
~For now she’s gone I know not why
within me pain in secret I cry~
~Loneliness overwhelming I cannot bare
apart my heart many pieces a tear~
~A must to mend healed by love
to be with her in wanting of~ 
~To feel her touch so soft it is
a feeling of such I so do miss~
~The warmth of her body next to me
reminiscent a memory so Heavenly~
~Continue I will to God I’ll pray
for her return to me one day~
Duke Sherman

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