Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Cannot Imagine

~I cannot imagine life without you
you are my reasoning in all that I do~
~You give me comport when I am sad 
you bring me laughter when I am mad~
~Give me strength when I am weak
show me promise when things are bleak~
~Take away from me my strife
bring to me much peace in life~
~When I am lonely you sit with me
no matter time or day to be~
~When I am ill you make me well
with love in heart you do quell~
~Feed me full when I am hungry
even when there’s little money~
~Take away my cold at night
keep me warm ‘til next day’s light~
~Lay out for me my cloths to wear
mend those that have a tear~
~My Darling my love a perfect wife
I cannot imagine you not in my life~
Duke Sherman

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