Thursday, June 9, 2011

Never Will I Wander

~My Darling at first I looked in your eyes
‘twas when in my heart I realized~
~I loved you more than life could be
and wanted you to spend yours with me~
~You’re the sun that lights my every day
the moon in the night that guides my way~
~No other has filled the void I once had
and cured all that has ever made me sad~
~My loneliness had no end I wanted to die
my life to me had no reason why~
~I’d given up hope ‘til you came into my life
suddenly my life had reason gone was the strife~
~When  I took you in my arms I felt like mighty Zeus
you gave me the strength of Olympus as my adduce~
~You’re my Athena my beautiful Goddess of love
no more on this earth or in Heaven do I want or can of~
~To live without you would be to die a thousand deaths
each one ten times worse than all the rest~
~At night when you sleep sometimes I watch in wonder
what and where you are in Dreamland slumber~
~I come to thoughts you’re awaiting my sleep to visit me
in my dreams where so often I find you to be~
~You light up my life you bring Heaven on earth to exist
when you smile say I love you or with just a simple kiss~
~Never will I wander nor will I leave your side in lust
you’re the reason my heart beats you leave me in aghast~
~I will love you ‘til the very day I die in every way
and thereafter forever in eternity and a day~ 
~I Love You~
Duke Sherman

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