Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Night Is Not Enough

 Sexy : Sexy couple in bedroom
~One night with you is not enough
to satisfy that of my lust~
~I carry deep within my soul
a burning fire that will not slow~
~To take you in my arms at last
express to you my love in vast~
~Take in the sweetness of your lips
flowing from within your every kiss~
~Feel the softness of your touch
my want has been so very much~
~Undress you to your nakedness
taste of that your lusciousness~
~Caress your body from top to down
my lips to skin touching all around~
~Stirring that of sweet sensations
feeling within your heart's vibrations~
~To enter of your sweet delight
make love in passion through the night~
~To bring you to your sanctification
anticipating your every reaction~
~To make you scream in erotic sound
moving within you round and round~
~Feel you tighten around my Steed
bringing me close to releasing my seed~
~To climax together while in kiss
to bind our love in Heavenly bliss~
~For you to take me by the hand
and tell me that I am your man
~One night with you is not enough
to satisfy that of my lust~
~I Love You~
Duke Sherman

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