Monday, June 13, 2011

A Delicate Flower

~I’ve been the world all around
known beautiful women in every town~
~Yvonne in particular I must confess
is like picking a delicate flower I can’t resist~
~She hails from Munich Germany within
for her this very poem is being written~
~Like the Rose her smile blooms but in love
giving me the feeling of wanting of~
~The Lily long slender and dressed in white
is as her lengthy body built just right~
~Her eyes green like that of the Cone flower
stole my heart with their enchanting power~
~Her lips full and sweet like that of the Honey suckle
juices of her kiss likened to sugar there’s no rebuttal~
~Her heart is pure brings to light sensations
she blushes in the many colors of the Carnations~
~Like the Wild flower blowing in the wind
her beauty to there is no end~
~Her perfume lingers the scent of Cherry blossoms
and her skin softer than that of the best of Cotton~
~Like that which is radiant in the Morning Glory
her smiles fills my soul with but a love story~
~And as the Mistletoe the flower of affection
she seems to draw my total love and devotion~ 
~The perfect woman in every way 
beautiful as any flower on display~ 
~I will endeavor to tend to her every need and
cultivate her garden of flowery desire the best I can~ 
~Not to be picked as she is an endangered species
a delicate and precious flower in Germany~
Duke Sherman 

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