Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And When I Start To Feel The Pain

~You are of that is my desire
in of my soul you burn as fire~
~In that my groin you stir my seed
hard and firm I be in need~
~I lust for that within your legs
to drop the load so full my keg~
~To taste of that your Lips Divide
the nectar flowing from deep inside~
~To wrap your mouth around my Dick
as of my lips attach your clit~
~To drive you close to that insane
to hear you scream in pleasured pain~
~To know the softness of your Breast
to touch and kiss in gentle caress~
~Of that their Beauty be absolute
within my thought be no dispute~
~To drive myself inside of you
to know the warmth within you stew~
~To move it in and out with care
massage to climax I do not dare~
~And when I start to feel the pain
to be at ease I will refrain~
~Pull out I will and take a rest
return my tend to of your Breast~
~In that my lips take in delight
your nipples perfect and so ripe~
~With of my hand I’ll fondle you
keep you pleasured in all I do~
~Next in straddle you’ll take a ride
with you on top my Cock inside~
~As if a pro you’ll ride your Steed
in that my Cock will want to bleed~
~I’ll grab your ass and hold on tight
within my seed will fight for light~
~You’ll jerk and moan in pleasure be
my time too will come to me~
~I’ll make you cum in every way
from this the night into the day~
~And when the night has come to end
make love to you the day begins~
Duke Sherman

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