Sunday, September 25, 2011

My World

She Is The Four Elements In One

~In that of kiss I feel your breath                                                                                                 
touch my face in sweet caress~
~In that I hold you close to me
I feel the tender your heart in beat~
~In that you whisper in my ear
my body trembles like that of fear~
~In that I take you by the hand
I think myself a lucky man~
~You walk in that be care the step
slight the bounce in etiquette~
~Your fetching smile be worn wide
curved in up on each the side~
~Yours eyes be like the beauty pearls
your hair long in that of curls~
~You speak with that commanding voice
yet subtle sweet and in rejoice ~
~Your body perfect in every way
molded of that in Heaven’s clay~
~In that of night you be asleep
I lay and watch in that of keep~
~I ponder thought in wonder be
in that your dream be me you see~
~From dawn to dusk be night or day
you grace my soul be in array~
~Like that the sun you warm my heart
as that the moon you light the dark~
~Like that the stars you are my guide
when I am lost you give me sight~
~Like that the heat be of a fire
you are the burn my soul desire~
~Like that the rain be sate the earth
be that my life in you immersed~
~Like that begot the might the wind
my love for you begets no end~
Duke Sherman

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