Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Twilight

~Like that celestial the stars align
you are the universe in of my mind~ 
~Like that the sun rise in the morn
you are my twilight I do adorn ~ 
~In that the moon be midnight bright
you are the light that is my life~
~Like that the squalls across the sea
you are the air in that I breathe~
~In that you are my Heaven’s wait
you are of that my soul in place~
~Like that the burn in fire’s heat
you are my heart my every beat~
~Like that the river the water flow
you are my blood I am in tow~
~For that your love I would do this
suffer that a Cobra’s kiss~
~Fight the Lion be his domain 
withstand the winds a hurricane~
~Swim the oceans in their deep
  move the mountains for your keep~
~Jump the plain from that the sky
risk my life and even die~
~I would steal for you kill for you
yes my Darling all be true~
~And in of that my last of breath
 you be my thought unto my death~ 
~I will sit on that a star the sky
watch over you with Heaven’s eye~
~I love you more than all can be
you are my life in that of me~
Duke Sherman

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