Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Are My Life


What sweetness lye’s in that your breath
of that the taste in of your kiss~
~In that the beauty bequest on you
in of the way in how you move~
~In that the spark be in you eyes
in of your smile so broad and wide~
~The way you laugh when you are gay
in how you bright our every day~
~In that your nose perfection be
of how you gaze when look at me~
~In that the length be of you hair
~unto your shoulders in of your wear~
~Sweet the scent in your perfume
like that the spring the roses bloom~
~Your gentle touch your fingers bring
against my skin the shivers cling~
~In that your heart be sound and true
and how you make me feel brand new~
~In that the soft your whisper be
sweet be nothings my ear to me~
~And when you speak the Angels sing
in all you are you wear their wings~
~In that the depth of your embrace
in of your soul be full of grace~
~In of the night your slumber be
the way you sleep be comely~
~In of your wake in that the morn
the way my life be you adorn~
~Imbue my heart from day to night
 with that of love you be my life~
~And in my death my wish be this
to go with that your kiss my lips~
Duke Sherman

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