Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whisper Sweet Nothings

~To be with you in of the night
be that my dream my Heart’s delight~
~I burn afire in my groin
for that our juices be to join~
~To taste each others sweetness of
a cumming flow in making Love~
~To enter that between your legs
to make you burn and hear you beg~
~To penetrate you oh so deep
to know your fire’s burning heat~
~To feel the lips your sweet Devide
wrapped around my Nob so tight~
~To take my mouth your swollen nipple
like that desired the Honeysuckle~
~Whisper but sweet nothings in your ear
caress your neck my tongue endeared~
~To hear you say to give you more
to feel your racing heart in soar~
~And when in climax comes to be
together be our juices freed~
~To rest and then begin again
in that our climax to transcend~
~And in the day come that the light
make love again unto the night~
Duke Sherman

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