Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Mistake

~I’ve been alone now seven years
some good most with tears~
~No one to to hug or kiss goodnight
or hold in through the dark of night~
~To stand by me in time of need
or heal my heart when it bleeds~
~To sit and cuddle watch tv
or know of that felicity~
~My days are filled with not but grief
in that my nights with no sleep~
~I sit in that my lonely room
thinking of the coming doom~
~I miss the times of long ago
in of my younger years of old~
~The time when love imbued the air
when all in heart so play it fair~
~My younger years of yesterday
now they seem so far away~
~Now I sit alone in brood
paying the price in life past due~
~Reminiscing my heart of past
not knowing why it did not last~
~With memory of a girl my first
the one I most in often thirst~
~Forty years be that ago
I was only nineteen years of old~
~Stupidy told me run away
a regret I have unto this day~
~One can only hope to change
and do away with all his pain~
~Find a love and make it last
never to return the past~
Duke Sherman

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