Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Heart Is yours

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~If only you were mine to be
my heart be yours eternity~
~Your every whim be that my quest
in all I am I do attest~
~Like that at Dawn the early sky
your beauty reigns no man deny~
~I look at you my soul afire
within my heart be love’s desire~
~You are my dream my every wish
in all my life the greatest bliss~
~To know your heart in of my love
no man could hope for more than of~
~I long the touch of that your lips
the sweet and tender in of your kiss~
~To feel of that your sweet caress
in all that is your tenderness~
~To have you lay by that my side
to know you’re mine in all the night~
~I gaze upon your image sweet
my blood begins to overheat~
~In of my heart begins to race
at mere the thought be your embrace~
~And when I lay me down to sleep
within my dream of you I keep~
~And in my wake of that the morn
I find my sleep you have adorn~
~I ponder that my dream of you
and wish my dream be that come true~
~Like that a thief in of the dark
you entered my soul you stole my heart~
~I love you more with every day
in that my heart you do array~
~You are my only heart’s desire
in that my soul be set afire~
~If only you were mine to be
my heart be yours eternity~
Duke Sherman

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