Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kelsey MiamiVuitton Manuel

~In that you are to me my friend
I’ll be your friend until the end~
~I cannot bare to see you hurt
with that of those their nasty words~
~In of your heart so pure and kind
you light the dark for them the blind~
~I hear your voice an Angel sings
you wear your head a halo’s ring~
~Let no man bring to you of pain
in that my wrath will he obtain~
~I say for all to hear aloud
you are my friend you make me proud~
~You bring me joy your every word
into my heart my soul you’re burnt~
~And if you need me I’ll be there
no matter when no matter where~
~Your friendship means the world to me
you are a part my destiny~
~I pray for you in every night
for God to keep you in his sight~
~To keep you safe from all harm be
your life for him to oversee~
~Again I say to you my friend
I am your friend until the end~
Duke Sherman

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