Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Are Perfect

~In that you are my every beat
you won my heart be in defeat~
~In that you are my soul desire
you are the flame that burns afire~
~In that you are my every dream
you are my want my every scream~
~In that you are the blood I bleed
your are my drink my every need~
~In that you are the air I breathe
you are my life in that complete~
~You are of that the rising sun
the sound of dusk when day is done~
~You are of that the moon at night
in that the bright her midnight light~
~You are the stars the heavens plain~ 
the guide my path that keeps me sane~
~You are the sea in all her wonders
my every thought in that I ponder~
~You are the wind blows night and day
you take of that my pain away~
~You are the winter unto the spring
you are my all my everything~
~Your kiss be sweet of nectar is
 in that I be in reminisce~
~Your touch be that a baby soft
with that of tender be in warmth~
~Your hold be that of firm in keep
with that affection loving seep~
~Your voice be that an Angel speak
in that my strength when I am weak~
~In that your eyes a sparkle be
you make me melt one look at me~
~Your lips be full and even shape
painted in that of Dawning scape~
~You wear your smile wide and bright
one look at you and all is right~
~Your shape be that in fetching curves
within my mind be ever yearn~
~Your walk be that a lilting bounce
my  every emote be left ajounce~
~In all I say I say you are
Duke Sherman

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