Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is This A Dream

~In that you are my deepest wish
you are in all my greatest bliss~
~When I am in that of a brood
my hunger begs you in the nude~
~In that your body I caress
with that my lips in of a kiss~
~Your beauty lye’s in Roses red
my want be that to take you bed~
~To bask in of your juices flow
in that my heart temptation grows~
~With once the thought my hose is lilt
within the pod of milk be filled~
~I ponder you in of my mind
from that the front or from behind~
~My buds of taste are running wild
for that the nectar’s been beguiled~
~The milk the pod be in Plethora
to bleed between your legs sephora~
~Now in throbbing pain desire
my pod runs hot like that of fire~
~My mind thought be you on your knees
between my legs in front of me~
~You take the hose between your lips
and suck it down with firm the grip~ 
~With that of pleasure comes release
you squeeze the pod to increase~
~I think the thought is this a dream
so real my mind so does it seem~
~In of my thought I want you more
make love to you in that galore~
~To bring us unto climaxation
and tickle everyone sensation~
~In that you are my deepest wish~
Duke Sherman

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