Sunday, September 18, 2011

Illuminate My Soul You Do

~Illuminate my soul you do
within a fire burns for you~ 
~You are in that my Starlight wish
to taste of that your wanting lips~
~To touch your body in caress
to know of that your tenderness~
~To run my fingers through your hair
whisper sweet but nothings in your ear~
~Make love to you in of the night
to know you’re there come morning light~
~Confess my love to you each day
you are my life you do array~
~To keep love’s fire burning bright
not give it reason ever smite~
~To never give you reason cry
to this my God I testify~
~To love you like no other can
to hear you say I am your man~
~You are my soul my heart my wish
my every reason to exist~
~In that you are my all to me
my love will last eternity~
Duke Sherman

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