Saturday, September 17, 2011

mon doux amour

~Of that my Love I dreamed last night
I dreamed of you it felt so right~
~In all you are I do adore
you are my heart mon doux amour~
~In all my life I never knew
of that the love I feel for you~
~Of every breath in that I take
you are my thought my every wake~
~Deep down my soul a fire burns
in that you are my only yearn~
~In of the night my dream be this
we are embraced in of a kiss~
~We take the night in making love
in all my Dreams the sweetest of~ 
~In after that I hold you tight
throughout the night ‘til morning’s light~
~You are the blood in that I bleed
of that my heart the every beat~
~In that you are my life’s adorned
with mere a thought you be my warmth~
~And in my lone I lay the night
in that of lust you be my side~
~To know you’re mine in of the heart
to never be from you apart~
~You are of what perfection be
in all you are you are to me~
~Existence not can be that of
without that be in of your love~
~You are my reason in all to be
in that you are my only need~
~My every being of that my life
in that I live in that I strive~
~I love you Darling so do I burn
in all my life you are my yearn~
~This night I lay me down to sleep
in of my dream we are to meet~
~In that to take in of the night
of making love ‘til morning’s light~
Duke Sherman

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