Wednesday, September 21, 2011


~In all I am and all to be
I need you here my side by me~
~You are my light my shining star
in that you are my Avatar~
~My ray of hope when I am gloom
the month of may when roses bloom~
~Like that the wind across the sea
you stay the course and be with me~
~Like that the rain a springtime day
you take from me my pain away~
~Like that the pure the sky so blue
so be your soul inside of you~
~Like that the Falls Niagara spews 
I gain my strength from that of you~
~Like that the sweet a summer breeze
in that your presence brings to me~ 
~Like that the flame a fire burns
from that my soul for you I yearn~
~Your lips are plush and beauty formed
and when we kiss my heart is warmed~
~Like that the ripples water be
your sweet caress entangles me~
~Like that the heavens do extend
in that your beauty has no end~
~In all there is perfection be
you are my world my fantasy~
~The dream I dream the life I live
in that you are to me you give~
~In all I am and all to be
I need you here my side by me~
~To have to hold and transcend
in that our love be never end~
~In all I say be not enough
define to you of that my love~
~The wind the sun the moon the stars
in all of these to me you are~
~For you I would suffer strife
in that I would give up my life~
~You are my breath in that I take
my every moment of my wake~
~And when I sleep you are my dream
in all you are my in between~
~I love you more with each day comes
in that to be there is no sum~
~Of that my heart be always yours
forever that a day and more~
Duke Sherman

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