Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let Me Count The Ways

~In that I love you more each day
let me try to count the ways~
~One hundred hearts would be too few
in that I love you more I do~
~You are my wake at night I stay
in of my thought throughout the day~
~You are my sun my moon my stars
the every beating of my heart~
~You are the wind the rain the Heavens send
to that my love can be no end~
~In that you are the fruited plains
the very blood run through my veins~
~You are the mountains Oh so high
the reigning beauty no deny~
~The air I breath that gives me life
the reason be in that I strive~
~Like that the rose the month of May
you are the scent the flowers spray~
~You are the soft a baby’s skin
you are the new in life begin~
~Like that the gleam in what is hope
you are of that my epitope~
~Your soul runs deep like that the sea
in all you are you are to me~
~You give me reason to be gambol
in that you are my living throttle~
~You are my yester now and morrow be
you are in all eternity~
~I love you but with all my breath
and will unto that after death~
Duke Sherman

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