Monday, September 26, 2011

Forever Yours


~My every moment be my wait
of that in lust anticipate~
~In that the sweetness of your kiss
of never ending reminisce~
~In that your breath be felt my neck
bestowing pleasure beyond dulcet~
~In that of tender be your touch
my all emotion be but rush~
~In that the warmth you close to me
the gentle rhythm your heart in beat~
~In that the silky be your hair
run my body be it bare~
~In that you lye be by my side
to hold you tight my arms the night~
~To watch the sun ascent the dawn
hold be cuddle the sky be drawn~
~To take our tea the hour be
on that the terrace by the sea~
~To walk the beach be dusk of night
as that the moon be in her rise~
~To gaze upon the stars in wish
like that be times of reminisce~
~To build a fire waters edge
hold each other’s hand in pledge~
~To ever be in of us both
to swear by that the lovers oath~
~To feel the wind be oceans bliss
in moonlight Heaven as we kiss~ 
~To never grow from us apart
to be as one in of the heart~
~Forever Yours~
Duke Sherman

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