Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Love You Beyond Compare

~Like that of salt imbues the sea
you are the blood inside of me~
~Like that the wind be of the west
you are in that my living breath~
~Like that the drum be so in harpe
you are the beat in of my heart~
~You are the sun that warms the day
the moon at night that lights the way~
~You are the stars that shine the sky
the Heavens tears of Angels cry~
~You are the soft a baby’s skin
the gentle soul be that within~
~In that you are the mountain’s peak
the strength in lye’s be your mystique~
~In that you are the river wide
the reason be in that I strive~
~In that you are the valley low
the reminisce my long ago~
~In all of this you keep me young
you are my light the day is done~
~When I am cold you keep me warm
when I am weak you make me strong~
~When I am dry you wet my lips
when I am down you give me lift~
~I love you like beyond compare
you are my heart’s eternal flare~
Duke Sherman

1 comment:

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