Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Greatest Dream

~My greatest dream is that of you
to hear you say I love you too~
~To be your man in of your heart
to never be from you apart~
~To taste the sweetness of your lips
be that embraced in of a kiss~
~To lay my head upon your chest
and feel my neck of that your breath~
~Caress your body in loving touch
I love you Darling Oh so much~
~To lay with you in of the night
to see you there at morning’s light~
~To walk the Beach’s whiting sands
barefoot and while holding hands~
~To bring you roses just because
to gaze in that your beauteous~
~To carry you in time of need
for you my Darling I would bleed~
~To wipe the tears away your eyes
when you are sad in of a cry~
~Hold you tight within my grasp
and keep you safe for all time last~
~To be with you and grow old
and reminisce of long ago~
~You are the flame that warms my heart
of that my soul you are the ark~
~The very fire that lights my life
my dream be that you are my wife~
~My dream and every wish to be
you are in that my destiny~
Duke Sherman 

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