Saturday, October 1, 2011

You Are my Fire

~You are my need my heart in sing
my souling fire my burning ring~
~My all desire be that afire
the flame grows hot in getting higher~
~Like that the fuel imbues the flare 
 you are of that my breath of air~
~Like that the sun in reaching cling
you are the light in that it bring~
~You warm my soul in that of love
my every thought my dream be of~
~Your kiss be hot in burn my lips
be that of sweet in reminisce~
~In that I melt the heat your touch
of that be tender emoting flush~
~You are in that my afterglow
my all intense my ever know~
~Like that of burning lava bring
my heart for you be ever sing~
~The feed my fire the flame my burn
my all in life my ever yearn~
~Be that of life eternal flame
in that my heart you ever reign~
Duke Sherman

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