Sunday, October 23, 2011

In That I Love You Do

~I long to know your tenderness
be your body bare~
~Breathe in the scent of roses
in that you often wear~
~To nibble on your slender neck
whisper in your ear~
~Taste the sweet your lips be wet
make your body sear~
~Ignite your every passion be
within the fire burn~
~Set your heart ablaze for me
be that your every yearn~
~To hear your whisper and your moans
be that of making love~
~Teasing every erogenous zone
in that be pleasing of~
~To hear you cry my name in pain
be that in begging more~
~To drive you damn near be insane
be that sensations soar~
~You are my wish be that desire
my every night in dream~
~My heart my soul be that on fire
my blood be hot in steam~
~My thought be that of every day
in everything I do~
~I lust for you in every way
in that I love you true~
Duke Sherman

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Once again great job Duke. You truly have a gift =o)