Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Are The Song

~You are the sing in Angels song
be all of right when things go wrong~
~You brighten up my every day
when be in a gloom you light the way~
~You are my strength in time of blight
my Heaven’s rock be that I lye~
~When I fall ill you make me well
be that of earth or be of Hell~
~You fill my heart with that of grace
in that be of your love embrace~
~When in of thirst you wet my lips
with that be sweet in of your kiss~
~When I am cold you warm my soul
with that be of your body glow~ 
~When I am wrong you do forgive
you are my life in that I live~
~You are the sing in Angels song
from that of dusk unto the dawn~
~The night caress the moon in rise
and beauty be the Dawning sky~
~The sound of nature be in the Spring
the colors be the Rainbow ring~
~The call of Fall unto Winter day
you are the song in every way~
~Your heart imbued be love robust
your soul be made of Angels dust~
~Molded from clouds be Heavens cape 
painted in that of earthing shade~
~You are the sing in Angels song~
Duke Sherman

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