Monday, October 3, 2011

My Love For You Is Ten Times Wide

Love is composed of a single soul
     inhabiting two bodies as one
~Your beauty reign beyond the stars
in of the Heaven be so far~
~My heart be thunder beat my chest
next in after more than rest~
~Like that the sun my blood run hot
in that you be my every want~
~My breath be shallow short in gasp
you send me flight be in aghast~
~My all sensation run amok
mere the thought your tender touch~
~You lift me up when I am down
in that my strength you be my mound~
~Be that my thoughts I cannot find
you bring me peace you clear my mind~
~You carry me like that the wind
in that you be my Heaven send~
~You stand by me be right or wrong
be that my side you stay the long~
~In that the cold be fall of night
you make me warm your body side~
~In that the heat be peak of day
you shower me in cool array~
~My love for you be ten times wide
be that the never ending sky~
~Even that of Heaven’s gate
cannot begin to emulate~
~And in the end these words of mine
I will love you ‘til the end of time~
Duke Sherman
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